Automating the human intuition of crafting prompts

What are Prompts?

Source: On Deck

An up-to-date guide to running Django commands on AWS EBS using cron jobs

Django and Elastic Beanstalk
Django and Elastic Beanstalk
Photo by the author.

How frontrunners such as OpenAI should leverage a machine-human-hybrid approach to screen for ethical use at scale

Jack Daly via Dirbbble
Facebook’s Head of AI raising concerns over GPT-3’s bias

Tips and takeaways learned based on more than 100 1:1's

The Fellowship

Concrete steps and learnings from a 6-months journey looking for my co-founder

The wrong day to come with flip-flops. Facebook’s founders Mark Zuckerberg and Dustin Moscovitz at Harvard (2004) via Getty Images

Sahar Mor

Engineer->Product->Entrepreneur. Working in the intersection of healthcare and applied AI

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