A systematic guide to successfully apply for an O1 visa

Learnings and templates from jumping through the hoops of the US immigration system

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The petition timeline

Extraordinary achievements according to the USCIS

  1. Receiving a major national or international awards such as a Nobel or a Pulitzer prize
  2. Receiving a national or international awards
  3. Membership in associations in the field, which require its member to have outstanding achievements as judged by recognized national or international experts
  4. Participating on a panel or individually as a judge of the work of others in the same or an adjacent field
  5. Having a contribution of major significance to your field through an original scientific, scholarly, or business-related evidence
  6. The authorship of scholarly articles in the field in professional journals or in other major media
  7. Having published material in professional or major media about the applicant
  8. Being employed in a critical capacity for organizations that have a distinguished reputation
  9. Commended a high salary

Proving eligibility

Receiving a national or international awards

Member of reputable associations

Judging the work of others

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Publications in notable magazines

Major contribution(s) to your field

Being critically employed in a distinguished organization

High compensation

General tips

  • The more organized you will be, the faster your immigration lawyer would submit your petition. I had a Google Drive with each directory representing a different criterion.
  • Create a HelloSign or DocuSign account to share and get your letters of endorsement signed.
  • Be diligent, consistent, and creative. You will get a few no’s in this process and will sometimes have to be patient when exchanging with your immigration lawyer. Keep the spirit high and keep the ball rolling.
Being organized accelerates petition drafting. Source: author

Working with an immigration lawyer

An accelerated path to Green Card

Final thoughts



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